Expanding telemedicine gradually for 4 million people who need hospital treatment in nursing home
Mr. Choi(83 years old) has often visited to near Hospital which is 13 km from nursing home where he lives.

He was receiving Outpatient treatment for 2 years till now.  He has difficulty to move around, that is why 3 assistors help him every time.
He needed three and a half hours only to get medical treatment and to take medicines in the hospital.

Mr. Choi said that "Once I went to the hospital, I feel my strength is gone and loose appetite.”

Mr. Choi has received medical treatment by using Telemedicine system installed in nursing home on 4th August 2016.

The Doctor on the screen is 25-minute drive from the nursing homes.  The doctor’s name is Dr. Hyeon who is entrustment doctor of the nursing home.
Dr. Hyeon asked the nursing assistant to listen senior heart beat.

The nursing assistant put JABES digital stethoscope to senior’s chest as soon as she got the doctor’s order.

Heart beat sound is amplifying on woofer speaker of Dr. Hyeon side.

The information such as blood pressure and pulse rate of Mr. Choi has already been delivered to Dr. Hyeon using by smartphone.

Dr. Hyeon ask a question about whether phlegm he has comes out.

Treatment is just within 10 minutes.  He sent his prescription by fax.

written by Seo of JoongAng Daily.

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