Features and Benefit
A. Choice of Three Frequency Range
With JABES Life sound System electronic stethoscope, healthcare professionals can choose one of three ranges of frequency: Bell, Diaphragm, and Wide mode. This enables JABES users to hear clear and accurate body sounds, which they never experienced before.  And JABES also has the capability of hearing Fetal Heart Tones after 5 months gestation.

B. Maximum Noise Reduction System
New JABES electronic stethoscope comes with noise reduction ring, which provides clearer sound.  This unique system is developed by JABES R&D team, and will be used for all JABES future products.

C. Customize Sound Level
JABES electronic stethoscope comes with eight sound levels; analog sound at level 1 to 20 times amplified sound at level 8.  Users can choose a sound level that fits best for his or her ear, and JABES remembers each user’s custom level.

D. Smart Power Management System
JABES runs up to 100 hours with two AAA Alkaline batteries, which are inexpensive and readily available.  100 running hour is twice longer than our competitors products, which require more expensive and hard to purchase lithium batteries for camera.  

E. Auto Shut Off
JABES electronic stethoscope turns off automatically when there is no activity for 3 minutes.  Low Battery indication light lets JABES users to know when batteries need to be replaced.

F. Easy to Operate
JABES electronic stethoscope is easy to operate.  JABES’ intelligent design allows entire operation of JABES electronic stethoscope can be done with a small movement of index finger.  

G. Convenient to Use
Clearly marked function buttons soft and clearly marked.  Mode and Low Battery indication light is small, yet easy to seen by users.  JABES electronic stethoscope also remembers sound level and mode, which are set by each user.

H. Same Feeling and Weight
JABES electronic stethoscope weighs 170g, which is the average weight of conventional stethoscope.  JABES also feels like traditional stethoscopes.
I. Easy Wear Ear Piece
JABES ear pieces are specially designed in size, angle and structure for comfortable to wear.

J. Simple Maintenance
Diaphragm and ear pieces can be easily taken apart for cleaning and replacement.

K. Rugged Structure
For maximum durability, JABES Life Sound System electronic stethoscopes are built with the highest quality raw materials.

L. Monitor, Record and Play
Patients body sounds can be monitored, recorded and saved for future reference.  This information also can be sent to other JABES users through internet or MSN.

M. Wave Reference Data Base
Wave reference data base, which contains sound and phonocardiogram of more than 20 heart and lung sounds, can be a valuable tool to the JABES users.   healthcare professional faces an unfamiliar body sound.
(The reference waveform list is for reference only.  JABES accepts no responsibility for diagnosis or misdiagnosis of patient.)

N. Patient Data Management
The healthcare professionals can manage virtually unlimited number of patient’s information such as name, address, phone number, ID number, weight, blood pressure and so on.

O. Great Counseling Tool
Phonocardiogram can be Printed and Used for the Conferences with Patients and Other Healthcare Professionals.

P. Great Teaching Tool
Body Sounds can be heard by many through Speakers in Real Time or in Later Time.

   JABES detailed Picture for Full Package


   Screen of JABES Analyzer


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